forlorn Definition

  • 1pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely
  • 2unlikely to succeed or be fulfilled; hopeless

Using forlorn: Examples

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  • Example

    The forlorn puppy was left on the side of the road.

  • Example

    He looked forlorn and lost in the big city.

  • Example

    The team's chances of winning seemed forlorn after their star player got injured.

  • Example

    She had a forlorn hope that he would come back.

forlorn Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using forlorn

  • to abandon or neglect someone, leaving them feeling sad and alone


    His parents' divorce left him forlorn and depressed.

  • a hope or plan that is unlikely to succeed


    It was a forlorn hope that he would pass the exam without studying.

  • forlorn-looking

    appearing sad, lonely, and abandoned


    The old house was forlorn-looking, with broken windows and overgrown weeds.

Phrases with forlorn

  • a group of soldiers or volunteers who are sent on a dangerous mission with little chance of success


    The forlorn hope charged the enemy lines, knowing that most of them would not survive.

  • a person who appears sad, lonely, and abandoned


    He stood there like a forlorn figure, waiting for someone to notice him.

  • a state of being without hope or prospects


    The refugees were filled with forlorn hopelessness, having lost everything they had.

Origins of forlorn

from Old English 'forloren', past participle of 'forlēosan', meaning 'lose, abandon'


Summary: forlorn in Brief

The term 'forlorn' [fəˈlɔːn] describes a state of sadness, abandonment, or loneliness. It can also refer to a situation that seems hopeless or unlikely to succeed, as in 'The team's chances of winning seemed forlorn after their star player got injured.' 'Forlorn' extends into phrases like 'forlorn hope,' and idioms like 'leave someone forlorn,' denoting abandonment, and 'a forlorn hope,' implying an unlikely prospect.