abandoned Definition

  • 1having been deserted or left behind
  • 2no longer in use or thought of

Using abandoned: Examples

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    The abandoned building was covered in vines and graffiti.

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    She felt abandoned by her friends when they stopped returning her calls.

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    The project was abandoned due to lack of funding.

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    The town was abandoned after the mine closed down.

abandoned Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with abandoned

  • a child who has been left without proper care and protection from their parents or guardians


    The orphanage takes care of abandoned children.

  • to give up on something or someone


    He had abandoned hope of finding his lost dog.

  • a vehicle that has been left in a place for a long time and is no longer wanted or used


    The police towed away the abandoned vehicle from the side of the road.

Origins of abandoned

from Old French 'abandoner', meaning 'give up, abandon'


Summary: abandoned in Brief

The term 'abandoned' [əˈbændənd] refers to something that has been deserted or left behind, often with a sense of neglect or disregard. It can describe physical spaces like buildings or vehicles, as well as emotional states like feeling abandoned by friends or family. Phrases like 'abandoned child' and 'abandoned hope' extend the concept to denote a lack of care or support, while 'abandoned vehicle' denotes something that is no longer wanted or used.