lonely Definition

  • 1sad because one has no friends or company
  • 2without companions; solitary
  • 3causing a feeling of loneliness

Using lonely: Examples

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  • Example

    She felt lonely after moving to a new city.

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    The old man lived a lonely life in the countryside.

  • Example

    The empty house looked lonely without any furniture.

  • Example

    The sound of the wind made her feel even more lonely.

lonely Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using lonely

  • a person who feels alone and disconnected from others


    He was a lonely soul who spent most of his time reading books.

  • a person who is looking for a romantic partner


    She posted an advertisement as a lonely heart in the newspaper.

  • to stay with someone so that they are not alone


    I'll keep you company so you won't feel lonely.

Phrases with lonely

  • people who are looking for a romantic partner


    The newspaper has a section for lonely hearts advertisements.

  • a popular travel guidebook series


    I always use Lonely Planet guides when I travel.

  • lonely road

    a road that is isolated and has few travelers


    The car broke down on a lonely road in the middle of the night.

Origins of lonely

from Old English 'ana', meaning 'alone'


Summary: lonely in Brief

The term 'lonely' [ˈloʊnli] describes a state of sadness due to lack of friends or company, or being without companions. It can also refer to something that causes a feeling of loneliness. The word is often used to describe people, places, or things, such as 'The old man lived a lonely life in the countryside.' 'Lonely' extends into phrases like 'lonely hearts,' and idioms like 'a lonely soul,' denoting a person who feels alone and disconnected from others.

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