bleak Definition

  • 1lacking vegetation and exposed to the elements
  • 2cold and miserable
  • 3without hope or encouragement; depressing

Using bleak: Examples

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  • Example

    The landscape was bleak and barren.

  • Example

    The weather was bleak and rainy all week.

  • Example

    The future looks bleak for the company.

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    The novel paints a bleak picture of society.

bleak Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for bleak

Idioms Using bleak

  • a negative or depressing portrayal of something


    The report painted a bleak picture of the company's financial situation.

  • a future event that is unlikely to be successful or happy


    The prospect of losing his job was a bleak one for John.

  • a winter that is cold, dark, and depressing


    After her husband died, Mary faced a bleak winter alone.

Phrases with bleak

  • a pessimistic view of the future


    The pandemic has left many people with a bleak outlook on life.

  • a future that is unlikely to be successful or happy


    Without proper education, the children in this community face a bleak future.

  • an area that is barren and unattractive


    The desert can be a bleak landscape, but it has its own beauty.

Origins of bleak

from Old Norse 'bleikr', meaning 'pale'


Summary: bleak in Brief

'Bleak' [blik] describes a place that is exposed to the elements, without vegetation, and often cold and miserable. It also refers to a hopeless or depressing situation, as in 'The future looks bleak for the company.' Phrases like 'a bleak outlook' and idioms like 'a bleak picture' extend the meaning to include pessimism and negativity.