infertile Definition

  • 1not capable of reproducing
  • 2not able to produce crops, fruits, or offspring

Using infertile: Examples

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    The couple was devastated to learn that they were infertile.

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    The land was infertile and unsuitable for farming.

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    The plant was infertile and did not produce any fruit.

infertile Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with infertile

  • a period during a woman's menstrual cycle when she is not able to conceive


    The doctor advised the couple to avoid intercourse during the woman's infertile period.

  • soil that is unable to support plant growth


    The farmers struggled to grow crops on the infertile soil.

  • eggs that are not capable of hatching into chicks


    The hen laid several infertile eggs that never hatched.


Summary: infertile in Brief

The term 'infertile' [ɪnˈfərtl] refers to something that is not capable of reproducing or producing crops, fruits, or offspring. It can describe both people and things, such as 'The couple was devastated to learn that they were infertile.' 'Infertile' extends into phrases like 'infertile period,' referring to a time when a woman cannot conceive, and 'infertile soil,' describing soil that cannot support plant growth.