immortal Definition

  • 1living forever; never dying or decaying
  • 2famous and likely to be remembered for a long time

Using immortal: Examples

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    The gods were believed to be immortal.

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    His music made him an immortal legend.

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    She will always be remembered as an immortal icon of fashion.

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    The book is a classic that has achieved immortal status.

immortal Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for immortal

Idioms Using immortal

  • to be remembered or celebrated in a lasting way, often through art or literature


    Her bravery during the war was immortalized in a painting by a famous artist.

  • to live for an extremely long time


    The ancient tree seemed to have lived forever and a day.

  • to cause someone's downfall or ruin


    His addiction to gambling was the death of him.

Phrases with immortal

  • the belief that the soul lives on after death


    Many religions believe in the concept of an immortal soul.

  • a person who is loved so deeply that their memory continues to live on after their death


    Beethoven's famous letter to his 'immortal beloved' has been a subject of much speculation.

  • the idea of living forever, either through physical or spiritual means


    The search for the fountain of youth is a quest for immortal life.

Origins of immortal

from Latin 'immortalis', meaning 'deathless'


Summary: immortal in Brief

The term 'immortal' [ɪˈmɔːt(ə)l] refers to something that lives forever, whether it be a physical entity or a legacy. It can describe gods, legends, or people who are famous and remembered for a long time, such as 'His music made him an immortal legend.' The phrase 'immortal soul' refers to the belief that the soul lives on after death, while 'be immortalized in something' means to be remembered or celebrated in a lasting way.

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