inconstant Definition

  • 1frequently changing; variable or irregular
  • 2not faithful or loyal; disloyal

Using inconstant: Examples

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    Her moods were inconstant and unpredictable.

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    The weather in this region is notoriously inconstant.

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    He was criticized for his inconstant work ethic.

inconstant Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for inconstant

Phrases with inconstant

  • inconstant lover

    a person who is not faithful or loyal in romantic relationships


    She couldn't trust him because he had a reputation as an inconstant lover.

  • inconstant friend

    a person who is not reliable or loyal in friendships


    She realized that her inconstant friend was only interested in her when it was convenient.

  • weather that changes frequently or unpredictably


    The inconstant weather made it difficult to plan outdoor activities.

Origins of inconstant

from Latin 'inconstant-', from the verb 'inconstare', meaning 'to be unsteady'


Summary: inconstant in Brief

The term 'inconstant' [ɪnˈkɒnstənt] describes something that is frequently changing, variable, or irregular. It can also refer to a person who is not faithful or loyal. Examples include 'Her moods were inconstant and unpredictable.' and 'He was criticized for his inconstant work ethic.' Synonyms include 'unreliable' and 'capricious,' while antonyms include 'constant' and 'faithful.'