infamy Definition

  • 1the state of being well known for a bad quality or deed
  • 2a situation in which someone is remembered for doing something very bad

Using infamy: Examples

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    The company's infamy grew after the scandal was exposed.

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    The criminal's infamy was known throughout the city.

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    The politician's infamy was due to his corrupt practices.

infamy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with infamy

  • infamy and beyond

    a play on the phrase 'to infinity and beyond' from the movie Toy Story, used to describe someone who has achieved a level of notoriety that extends beyond what is normal or expected


    After the scandal, the CEO's infamy reached new heights - he had become a symbol of corporate greed and corruption, an icon of infamy and beyond.

  • a phrase used to describe a statement made by someone that turns out to be wrong or foolish, especially if it is their final statement before death


    The criminal's infamous last words were 'I'll be back,' but he never returned from his execution.

  • known widely and usually unfavorably for something


    The city is infamous for its high crime rate.

Origins of infamy

from Latin 'infamia', meaning 'ill fame'


Summary: infamy in Brief

Infamy [ˈɪnfəmi] refers to being well-known for a bad quality or deed. It can also refer to a person being remembered for doing something very bad. Examples of infamy include a company's reputation after a scandal, a criminal's notoriety, or a politician's corrupt practices. Phrases like 'infamous last words' and 'infamous for' are also commonly used.