infringement Definition

  • 1the action of breaking a rule or law
  • 2the action of limiting or undermining something

Using infringement: Examples

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    The company was sued for copyright infringement.

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    The government's new policy is an infringement on our rights.

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    The noise from the construction site is an infringement on our peace and quiet.

infringement Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for infringement

Idioms Using infringement

  • a violation or encroachment on something


    The new regulations are seen as an infringement on our freedom of speech.

  • infringe on someone's rights

    to violate or undermine someone's legal or moral entitlements


    The government's new policy infringes on our constitutional rights.

  • infringe on someone's turf

    to encroach on someone's area of responsibility or expertise


    The new employee was warned not to infringe on his colleague's turf.

Phrases with infringement

  • the unauthorized use of a patented invention


    The company was found guilty of patent infringement and had to pay damages.

  • the violation of an individual's right to privacy


    The paparazzi's constant surveillance of the celebrity's private life was an infringement of her privacy.

  • the unauthorized use of a registered trademark


    The company was sued for infringement of trademark by using a similar logo to a competitor's.

Origins of infringement

from Old French 'enfraindre', meaning 'to break'


Summary: infringement in Brief

The term 'infringement' [ɪnˈfrɪndʒmənt] refers to breaking a rule or law, or limiting or undermining something. It can be seen in contexts such as copyright infringement, patent infringement, and infringement of privacy. 'Infringement' can also be used in idioms like 'an infringement on something,' denoting a violation or encroachment, and 'infringe on someone's rights,' implying a violation of legal or moral entitlements.