privacy Definition

  • 1the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people
  • 2the state of being free from public attention

Using privacy: Examples

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    She values her privacy and doesn't like to share personal information.

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    The company's privacy policy ensures that customer data is protected.

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    The paparazzi invaded the celebrity's privacy by taking photos of them in their own home.

privacy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with privacy

  • a legal concept that protects an individual's right to be left alone and to control their personal information


    The right to privacy is enshrined in many countries' constitutions and laws.

  • invade someone's privacy

    to intrude on someone's personal space or private life without permission


    The journalist was criticized for invading the politician's privacy by publishing their personal emails.

  • respect someone's privacy

    to acknowledge and honor someone's right to keep their personal life private


    Please respect my privacy and don't ask me about my medical condition.

Origins of privacy

from Latin 'privatus', meaning 'withdrawn from public life'


Summary: privacy in Brief

The term 'privacy' [ˈpraɪvəsi] refers to the state of being free from observation or disturbance by others, as well as the state of being free from public attention. It is a fundamental right that can be legally protected, such as the 'right to privacy.' Phrases like 'invade someone's privacy' and 'respect someone's privacy' are commonly used. 'Privacy' is often associated with concepts like 'confidentiality' and 'seclusion,' and is highly valued by individuals who seek 'alone time' or 'me time.'

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