invade Definition

  • 1enter (a place, situation, or sphere of activity) in large numbers, especially with intrusive effects
  • 2encroach or intrude on
  • 3spread or pervade throughout (an area or group of people)

Using invade: Examples

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  • Example

    The enemy army invaded the country.

  • Example

    The privacy of my home was invaded by the paparazzi.

  • Example

    The virus has invaded every part of the body.

  • Example

    The new technology is invading every aspect of our lives.

invade Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using invade

  • an intrusion into someone's private life without their permission


    The publication of her private photos was a clear invasion of privacy.

  • to broadcast or transmit on a large scale, often in a way that is intrusive or annoying


    The new radio station is invading the airwaves with its loud commercials.

  • invade someone's thoughts

    to occupy someone's mind or preoccupy their thoughts


    Ever since the accident, thoughts of mortality have invaded his mind.

Phrases with invade

  • invade someone's privacy

    to intrude on someone's private life without their permission


    The tabloids are always trying to invade celebrities' privacy.

  • invade someone's space

    to come too close to someone or enter an area that they consider to be their own


    I don't like it when strangers invade my personal space.

  • invade one's turf

    to encroach on someone's territory or area of expertise


    The new employee is trying to invade my turf by taking over my projects.

Origins of invade

from Latin 'invadere', meaning 'to go into, enter upon'


Summary: invade in Brief

'Invade' [ɪnˈveɪd] means to enter a place or situation in large numbers, often with intrusive effects. It can refer to physical invasion, as in 'The enemy army invaded the country,' or metaphorical invasion, as in 'The new technology is invading every aspect of our lives.' The term also extends to phrases like 'invade someone's privacy,' and idioms like 'an invasion of privacy,' denoting intrusion into someone's private life.