seclusion Definition

  • 1the state of being private and away from other people
  • 2the act of keeping someone away from other people

Using seclusion: Examples

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    The writer sought seclusion in the countryside to finish her book.

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    The patient was placed in seclusion for his own safety.

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    The monastery is known for its seclusion and peaceful atmosphere.

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    The celebrity couple bought a house in seclusion to escape the paparazzi.

seclusion Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for seclusion

Idioms Using seclusion

  • away from public view or contact with others


    The former president has been living in seclusion since leaving office.

  • to end a period of isolation or withdrawal


    After months of working from home, she decided to break out of seclusion and meet up with friends.

  • to appreciate being alone and away from others


    She enjoys her seclusion in the mountains, where she can hike and read in peace.

Phrases with seclusion

  • a room designed for isolating a person, often used in schools or hospitals


    The school has a seclusion room for students who become disruptive.

  • a policy of keeping a country or group isolated from others, often for political or cultural reasons


    Japan had a seclusion policy during the Edo period, which lasted over two centuries.

  • a condition where a person becomes socially withdrawn and avoids contact with others


    The pandemic has led to an increase in seclusion syndrome among people who are working from home.

Origins of seclusion

from Latin 'secludere', meaning 'to shut off'


Summary: seclusion in Brief

The term 'seclusion' [sɪˈkluːʒən] refers to being private and away from other people, or the act of keeping someone away from others. It can be voluntary, like seeking solitude in the countryside, or involuntary, like being placed in a seclusion room for safety. 'Seclusion' extends into phrases like 'in seclusion,' and idioms like 'enjoy one's seclusion,' denoting appreciation for being alone.