inscrutable Definition

  • 1impossible to understand or interpret
  • 2not showing emotions or thoughts

Using inscrutable: Examples

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  • Example

    His inscrutable expression made it hard to tell what he was thinking.

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    The motives behind her actions were inscrutable.

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    The hieroglyphs on the ancient tablet were inscrutable to the archaeologists.

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    The CEO's inscrutable decision left everyone puzzled.

inscrutable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with inscrutable

  • a smile that does not reveal the person's true feelings or intentions


    She gave him an inscrutable smile, leaving him wondering what she really meant.

  • a face that does not show any emotions or thoughts


    He maintained an inscrutable face throughout the entire meeting, making it difficult to gauge his reactions.

  • a mystery that is impossible to solve or understand


    The disappearance of the plane remains an inscrutable mystery to this day.

Origins of inscrutable

from Late Latin 'inscrutabilis', meaning 'that cannot be searched into'


Summary: inscrutable in Brief

The term 'inscrutable' [ɪnˈskruːtəbl] describes something that is impossible to understand or interpret, or someone who does not show emotions or thoughts. It can refer to motives, expressions, or hieroglyphs, as in 'The motives behind her actions were inscrutable.' 'Inscrutable' extends into phrases like 'inscrutable smile,' and has synonyms like 'enigmatic' and 'unfathomable.'