insensitive Definition

  • 1showing or feeling no concern for others' feelings
  • 2not aware of or able to understand other people's feelings

Using insensitive: Examples

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  • Example

    His insensitive remarks hurt her deeply.

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    She was criticized for being insensitive to the needs of the homeless.

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    The manager's insensitive decision led to a strike by the workers.

  • Example

    He is often accused of being insensitive to cultural differences.

insensitive Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with insensitive

  • not aware of or not showing concern for something


    He is insensitive to the needs of others.

  • skin that is easily irritated or reacts badly to certain substances


    People with sensitive skin should avoid using harsh soaps and chemicals.

  • a plant that folds its leaves in response to touch or vibration


    The Mimosa pudica, also known as the sensitive plant, is an example of an insensitive plant.


Summary: insensitive in Brief

The term 'insensitive' [ɪnˈsɛnsɪtɪv] refers to a lack of concern for others' feelings or an inability to understand them. It can be used to describe people who are unfeeling, unsympathetic, or indifferent, and can lead to hurtful remarks or decisions. 'Insensitive' can also describe physical characteristics, such as 'insensitive skin,' which is easily irritated.

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