insensitivity Definition

  • 1lack of sensitivity or consideration for others' feelings
  • 2inability to respond to physical stimuli

Using insensitivity: Examples

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  • Example

    His insensitivity towards her feelings was hurtful.

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    The patient's insensitivity to touch is a symptom of the disease.

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    The company's insensitivity to environmental concerns led to public outrage.

insensitivity Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for insensitivity

Phrases with insensitivity

  • behavior that shows a lack of respect for other cultures, customs, and beliefs


    The tourist's cultural insensitivity offended the locals.

  • tactless insensitivity

    behavior that shows a lack of consideration for others' feelings, often due to a lack of tact or social skills


    Her tactless insensitivity made the situation worse.

  • inability to sense temperature changes


    The patient's thermal insensitivity is a symptom of nerve damage.


Summary: insensitivity in Brief

Insensitivity [ˌɪnˈsɛnsəˈtɪvəti] refers to a lack of sensitivity or consideration for others' feelings, as well as an inability to respond to physical stimuli. It can manifest in behaviors like cultural insensitivity or tactless insensitivity. Antonyms include sensitivity, compassion, empathy, and consideration.