insolence Definition

rude and disrespectful behavior, especially towards someone who is older or in a higher position than you.

Using insolence: Examples

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    He was fired for his insolence towards his boss.

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    The student's insolence towards the teacher resulted in detention.

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    She showed her insolence by rolling her eyes at her parents.

insolence Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with insolence

  • a specific instance of rude or disrespectful behavior


    His refusal to follow orders was an act of insolence.

  • the tendency of people in positions of power to behave arrogantly or rudely towards those they have authority over


    The manager's insolence of office led to low morale among the employees.

  • rude or disrespectful actions towards others


    Her insolent behavior towards her coworkers made it difficult to work with her.


Summary: insolence in Brief

Insolence [ˈɪnsələns] is defined as rude and disrespectful behavior, particularly towards someone older or in a higher position. It is often seen in the workplace or classroom, as in 'He was fired for his insolence towards his boss.' Synonyms include impudence, audacity, and disrespect. The phrase 'insolence of office' refers to the tendency of those in power to behave rudely towards subordinates.