interleaved Definition

  • 1mix (two or more things) together, typically in such a way that they become hard to distinguish from one another
  • 2arrange (sheets of paper) in alternating layers when printing or photocopying so as to prevent the ink or toner from sticking

Using interleaved: Examples

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  • Example

    The flavors are perfectly interleaved in this dish.

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    The printer automatically interleaves the pages.

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    The two stories are interleaved throughout the book.

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Summary: interleaved in Brief

To 'interleave' [ˌɪntərˈliːvd] means to mix or arrange things in alternating layers. It can refer to combining flavors in a dish, arranging sheets of paper for printing, or mixing two stories throughout a book. Synonyms include 'blend,' 'combine,' and 'merge.'