intimidating Definition

making someone feel frightened or nervous, especially because they are impressive or powerful.

Using intimidating: Examples

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    The large dog was intimidating to the small child.

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    The teacher's stern expression was intimidating to the students.

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    The job interview was very intimidating for the recent graduate.

intimidating Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for intimidating

Phrases with intimidating

  • a person or thing that is imposing and makes others feel nervous or uncomfortable


    The CEO's intimidating presence made everyone in the boardroom uneasy.

  • actions or words that are meant to make someone feel scared or nervous


    The bully's intimidating behavior caused many students to avoid him.

  • a situation or environment that is oppressive or frightening


    The dark alley had an intimidating atmosphere that made her walk faster.


Summary: intimidating in Brief

The adjective 'intimidating' [ɪnˈtɪmɪdeɪtɪŋ] describes something that makes someone feel scared or nervous, often because it is impressive or powerful. It can refer to people, such as an intimidating presence, or situations, like an intimidating job interview. Synonyms include 'frightening' and 'daunting,' while antonyms include 'reassuring' and 'encouraging.'

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