daunting Definition

  • 1seeming difficult to deal with in anticipation; intimidating
  • 2causing fear or discouragement; intimidating

Using daunting: Examples

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    The task of writing a book can be daunting.

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    The prospect of speaking in front of a large audience was daunting for her.

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    The sheer size of the project was daunting.

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    The thought of climbing the mountain was daunting.

daunting Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for daunting

Phrases with daunting

  • a difficult or challenging task that seems overwhelming


    The daunting task of rebuilding the city after the hurricane required a lot of resources and effort.

  • a difficult or demanding challenge that requires a lot of effort and skill


    The team faced a daunting challenge when they had to develop a new product in a short amount of time.

  • a situation or task that seems difficult or challenging and may cause fear or anxiety


    The daunting prospect of finding a new job in a tough economy made her feel anxious and stressed.

Origins of daunting

from Middle English 'daunten', meaning 'to tame, subdue'


Summary: daunting in Brief

'Daunting' [ˈdɔːntɪŋ] describes something that seems difficult or intimidating, causing fear or discouragement. It can refer to tasks, challenges, or prospects, such as 'The task of writing a book can be daunting.' Synonyms include 'intimidating' and 'terrifying,' while antonyms are 'encouraging' and 'reassuring.'