challenge Definition

  • 1a difficult task or situation that requires effort, skill, or courage
  • 2an invitation to compete or take part in a contest
  • 3a questioning of the truth or validity of something

Using challenge: Examples

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    The hike up the mountain was a real challenge.

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    She accepted the challenge of running a marathon.

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    The challenge of learning a new language can be daunting.

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    He issued a challenge to his coworkers to see who could sell the most products.

challenge Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for challenge

Idioms Using challenge

  • a threat to someone's position of power or authority


    The rebellion was seen as a challenge to the throne.

  • an attempt to change or disrupt the existing state of affairs


    The new political party presented a challenge to the status quo.

  • a challenge to one's beliefs

    an experience or situation that causes someone to question or reconsider their beliefs or values


    The book presented a challenge to her religious beliefs.

Phrases with challenge

  • to successfully deal with a difficult situation


    Despite the obstacles, she rose to the challenge and completed the project on time.

  • to issue a challenge or invitation to fight or compete


    He threw down the gauntlet and challenged his opponent to a duel.

  • to accept a challenge or invitation to compete or participate


    She took up the challenge and entered the race.

Origins of challenge

from Old French 'chalenge', from Latin 'calumnia', meaning 'false accusation'


Summary: challenge in Brief

The term 'challenge' [ˈtʃælɪndʒ] refers to difficult tasks or situations that require effort, skill, or courage. It can also mean an invitation to compete or participate in a contest, or a questioning of the truth or validity of something. Phrases like 'rise to the challenge' and 'throw down the gauntlet' denote successful handling and issuing of challenges, respectively. Idioms like 'a challenge to the throne' and 'a challenge to one's beliefs' refer to threats to power and questioning of beliefs.

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