jounce Definition

  • 1to move in an up-and-down or back-and-forth manner, especially while riding on a rough surface
  • 2to jolt or bounce

Using jounce: Examples

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  • Example

    The car jounced along the dirt road.

  • Example

    The passengers were jounced around in their seats during the bumpy ride.

  • Example

    The horse jounced its rider up and down as it galloped across the field.

jounce Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for jounce

Phrases with jounce

  • a test to determine the ability of a vehicle's suspension system to absorb shocks


    The mechanic performed a jounce test on the car to check for any issues with the suspension.

  • a device used to absorb shocks and reduce jolts in a vehicle's suspension system


    The new jounce bumper made the ride much smoother and more comfortable.

  • the rate at which a vehicle's suspension system compresses and rebounds in response to bumps and shocks


    The jounce rate of the car was too high, causing it to bounce excessively on rough roads.


Summary: jounce in Brief

The verb 'jounce' [dʒaʊns] means to move up and down or back and forth, especially on a rough surface. It is often used to describe the movement of vehicles or people on bumpy terrain. 'Jounce' can also mean to jolt or bounce. Phrases related to 'jounce' include 'jounce test,' 'jounce bumper,' and 'jounce rate.'