jolt Definition

  • 1a sudden rough movement or shock
  • 2a surprise or shock that makes someone feel upset or confused

Using jolt: Examples

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  • Example

    The train came to a jolt and everyone was thrown forward.

  • Example

    The news of his death was a terrible jolt.

  • Example

    The sudden noise jolted her out of her daydream.

  • Example

    He received a jolt when he saw the final exam questions.

jolt Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for jolt

Phrases with jolt

  • a sudden, brief burst of electrical current


    The machine gave him a jolt of electricity.

  • to make someone take action or become alert


    The loud noise jolted her into action.

  • to make someone stop thinking about something or become less relaxed


    The phone call jolted him out of his daydream.

Origins of jolt

origin unknown


Summary: jolt in Brief

The term 'jolt' [dʒoʊlt] refers to a sudden rough movement or shock, often causing surprise or confusion. It can be used to describe physical movements such as 'The train came to a jolt,' or emotional reactions such as 'The news of his death was a terrible jolt.' 'Jolt' can also be used in phrases like 'jolt of electricity,' and 'jolt somebody into/out of something,' which denote sudden bursts of energy or action.