knit Definition

  • 1to make clothes, etc. by using two long needles to connect wool or another type of thread into joined rows
  • 2to become joined together or to join things together closely

Using knit: Examples

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  • Example

    She is knitting a sweater for her grandson.

  • Example

    The scarf is knitted from soft wool.

  • Example

    The team needs to knit together if they want to win the game.

  • Example

    The different elements of the story are tightly knitted together.

knit Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with knit

  • knit one's brows

    to frown or look worried


    He knitted his brows in concentration as he tried to solve the problem.

  • to repair or fix something that has been damaged


    I need to knit up this hole in my sweater before it gets any bigger.

  • to become united or closely connected


    The community was knit together by a shared sense of purpose.

Origins of knit

from Old English 'cnyttan', meaning 'to tie in a knot'


Summary: knit in Brief

To 'knit' [nɪt] means to create clothing or other items by connecting wool or thread with two long needles, or to join things together closely. It can also refer to people or things becoming closely connected, as in 'The team needs to knit together if they want to win the game.' 'Knit' has phrases like 'knit one's brows,' which means to frown, and 'knit something up,' which means to repair. Synonyms include 'weave' and 'stitch.'

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