lachrymose Definition

  • 1tearful or given to weeping
  • 2tending to cause tears

Using lachrymose: Examples

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    She was in a lachrymose mood after watching the sad movie.

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    The lachrymose melody brought tears to his eyes.

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    The eulogy was a lachrymose tribute to the deceased.

lachrymose Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with lachrymose

  • a bodily fluid that was believed in medieval physiology to be the cause of sadness and melancholy


    According to medieval physicians, an excess of lachrymose humor could lead to depression.

  • a liquid solution used to induce tears for medical purposes


    The doctor applied a lachrymose spray to the patient's eyes before conducting the eye exam.

  • an ending that is sad or emotional, often involving death or separation


    The novel had a lachrymose ending that left many readers in tears.

Origins of lachrymose

from Latin 'lacrimosus', meaning 'tearful'


Summary: lachrymose in Brief

'Lachrymose' [ˈlækrɪmoʊs] describes someone who is tearful or given to weeping, or something that tends to cause tears. It is often used to describe a sad or mournful mood, as in 'She was in a lachrymose mood after watching the sad movie.' The term has historical associations with 'lachrymose humor,' a medieval belief that sadness was caused by an excess of bodily fluids.