laze Definition

  • 1to spend time relaxing and not doing anything
  • 2to be idle or lazy

Using laze: Examples

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  • Example

    I just want to laze on the beach all day.

  • Example

    He spent the weekend lazing around the house.

  • Example

    She was caught lazing on the job.

  • Example

    We can't afford to laze around if we want to finish this project on time.

laze Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for laze

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Phrases with laze

  • lazybones

    a lazy person


    Get up, you lazybones! We have work to do.

  • to spend time idly or lazily


    I plan to laze away the afternoon reading a book.

  • to stay in bed and relax instead of getting up and being productive


    I lazed in bed all morning instead of going for a run like I had planned.


Summary: laze in Brief

The verb 'laze' [leɪz] means to relax and not do anything, or to be idle or lazy. It is often used to describe spending time doing nothing, as in 'He spent the weekend lazing around the house.' Synonyms include 'loaf,' 'lounge,' and 'procrastinate.' Phrases like 'lazybones' and 'laze in bed' extend the meaning of 'laze' to describe a person or location.