leftist Definition

  • 1a person who supports or belongs to the political left
  • 2relating to or supporting the political left

Using leftist: Examples

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    He is a leftist politician.

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    The party has a leftist agenda.

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    The newspaper has a leftist bias.

leftist Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with leftist

  • far-left

    the extreme left wing of a political group or organization


    The far-left group staged a protest against the government's policies.

  • a government that is characterized by progressive policies and social welfare programs


    The country elected a leftist government that promised to prioritize healthcare and education.

  • a set of beliefs and values that prioritize social equality, collective ownership, and government intervention in the economy


    The student group advocates for leftist ideology and criticizes capitalism.


Summary: leftist in Brief

'Leftist' [ˈlɛftɪst] refers to a person or policy that supports the political left, which prioritizes social equality and government intervention in the economy. It is often used to describe politicians, parties, or media with a liberal or progressive bias, as in 'The newspaper has a leftist bias.' 'Leftist' can also be used as an adjective, as in 'The party has a leftist agenda,' and extends into phrases like 'far-left' and 'leftist ideology.'