locator Definition

a device or system for finding something or someone.

Using locator: Examples

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  • Example

    The GPS locator on my phone helps me find my way around the city.

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    The store uses a product locator to help customers find items in the aisles.

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    The rescue team used a heat sensor locator to find the missing hiker.

locator Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for locator

Phrases with locator

  • a tool that helps customers find the nearest physical location of a store or business


    The website has a store locator feature that shows all the nearby stores.

  • an emergency radio transmitter that emits a signal to help rescuers locate a person or vehicle in distress


    The pilot activated the locator beacon after the plane crashed in the mountains.

  • a map that shows the location of a specific place or object


    The locator map in the brochure helped us find the hiking trail.


Summary: locator in Brief

A 'locator' [ˈləʊkeɪtə(r)] is a device or system used to find something or someone. Examples include GPS locators, product locators, and heat sensor locators. Other phrases include 'store locator,' 'locator beacon,' and 'locator map.'