detector Definition

  • 1a device or substance for discovering the presence of something, especially a metal
  • 2a device for detecting the presence of electromagnetic waves, especially one that responds to radar signals and is used in aircraft navigation

Using detector: Examples

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  • Example

    The smoke detector went off when it sensed smoke in the room.

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    The metal detector beeped when it found a coin buried in the sand.

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    The aircraft's detector warned the pilot of an incoming missile.

  • Example

    The counterfeit detector revealed that the bill was fake.

detector Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for detector

Phrases with detector

  • a device used to detect whether someone is telling the truth or lying


    The suspect was hooked up to a lie detector to determine if he was guilty.

  • a device that uses electromagnetic induction to detect metal objects


    The treasure hunter used a metal detector to search for buried artifacts.

  • a device that detects movement, typically used in security systems


    The motion detector alerted the homeowner when someone entered the backyard.


Summary: detector in Brief

A 'detector' [dɪˈtɛktər] is a device or substance used to discover the presence of something. It can refer to a metal detector, which beeps when it finds metal objects, or a smoke detector, which senses smoke and sounds an alarm. Other types of detectors include lie detectors, motion detectors, and counterfeit detectors.

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