lowness Definition

  • 1the quality of being low in position or height
  • 2a feeling of sadness or depression

Using lowness: Examples

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  • Example

    The lowness of the ceiling made the room feel cramped.

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    He couldn't shake off the lowness that had been weighing him down for days.

lowness Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for lowness

Phrases with lowness

  • an unfair or unsporting act, especially one that causes harm to someone who is already in a vulnerable position


    Bringing up his past mistakes during the argument was a low blow.

  • to be sad or depressed


    I've been feeling low ever since I lost my job.

  • to keep a low public profile, to avoid attracting attention or notice


    After the scandal, the politician kept a low profile for several months.


Summary: lowness in Brief

The term 'lowness' [ˈlaʊnəs] refers to the quality of being low in position or height, as well as a feeling of sadness or depression. It can be used to describe physical spaces or emotional states, as in 'The lowness of the ceiling made the room feel cramped.' 'Lowness' also appears in phrases like 'low blow,' which denotes an unfair act, and 'feeling low,' which means to be sad or depressed.