macho Definition

  • 1having or showing characteristics traditionally associated with masculinity, especially physical strength and courage
  • 2exaggerated or aggressive masculinity

Using macho: Examples

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    He was always trying to prove how macho he was.

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    The movie portrays a stereotypical macho hero.

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    She found his macho attitude unattractive.

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    The company's advertising campaign was criticized for promoting a macho image.

macho Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using macho

  • a public perception of someone as being aggressively masculine


    The politician tried to cultivate a macho image to appeal to male voters.

  • the act of behaving in an exaggeratedly masculine way in order to impress or intimidate others


    His macho posturing was just a cover for his insecurity.

  • a widely held but oversimplified and inaccurate idea of what it means to be a man


    The media often perpetuates the macho stereotype in movies and TV shows.

Phrases with macho

  • a man who is aggressively masculine in appearance, behavior, or attitude


    He thinks he's a macho man, but he's really just insecure.

  • a social environment that values and promotes traditional masculine traits and behaviors


    The military has long been criticized for its macho culture.

  • an excessive or unwarranted sense of pride in one's masculinity


    His macho pride prevented him from admitting he was wrong.

Origins of macho

from Mexican Spanish 'macho', meaning 'male animal'


Summary: macho in Brief

The term 'macho' [ˈmɑːtʃəʊ] describes characteristics associated with traditional masculinity, such as physical strength and courage. It can also refer to an exaggerated or aggressive form of masculinity. Examples include 'He was always trying to prove how macho he was,' and 'The company's advertising campaign was criticized for promoting a macho image.' Phrases like 'macho man' and idioms like 'macho posturing' further illustrate the concept of aggressive masculinity.

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