majority Definition

the greater number or part; more than half of a total.

Using majority: Examples

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    The majority of the students passed the exam.

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    The party won the election with a majority of votes.

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    The majority of the audience was not impressed with the performance.

majority Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with majority

  • forming the larger group or part of something


    Women are in the majority in the nursing profession.

  • a system in which decisions are made by a vote of more than half the members of a group


    In a democracy, majority rule is an important principle.

  • the view held by the greater number of people


    The majority opinion was that the movie was not worth watching.

Origins of majority

from Latin 'major', meaning 'greater'


Summary: majority in Brief

The term 'majority' [məˈdʒɒrɪti] refers to the greater number or part of a total. It is often used in the context of voting and decision-making, as in 'The party won the election with a majority of votes.' 'Majority' also extends into phrases like 'in the majority,' denoting the larger group, and 'majority rule,' indicating a decision-making system based on more than half the members.

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