malarkey Definition

speech or writing that is insincere or intended to deceive; nonsense.

Using malarkey: Examples

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    Don't give me that malarkey about being too busy to help.

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    I'm tired of listening to all this malarkey about the economy improving.

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    He's full of malarkey, don't believe a word he says.

malarkey Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for malarkey

Phrases with malarkey

  • an expression used to tell someone to stop talking nonsense or lying


    Stop the malarkey and tell me the truth.

  • an expression used to tell someone to stop behaving in a foolish or deceitful manner


    Cut the malarkey and start taking responsibility for your actions.

  • an expression used to refer to something that is considered nonsense or irrelevant


    I don't want to hear all that malarkey about conspiracy theories.

Origins of malarkey

originated in the US in the early 20th century, of unknown origin


Summary: malarkey in Brief

'Malarkey' [muh-lahr-kee] refers to insincere or deceptive speech or writing, often used to describe nonsense. It is an informal term that can be used to express disbelief or frustration with someone's words or actions. Common phrases include 'stop the malarkey,' 'cut the malarkey,' and 'all that malarkey,' which are used to tell someone to stop talking nonsense or behaving foolishly.