mineral Definition

  • 1a substance obtained by mining, usually a solid, naturally occurring, inorganic substance
  • 2a substance that is neither animal nor vegetable, such as quartz or feldspar

Using mineral: Examples

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    The region is rich in minerals such as iron and copper.

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    Calcium is an essential mineral for strong bones and teeth.

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    The mineral content of the soil affects plant growth.

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    The museum has a collection of rare minerals from around the world.

mineral Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for mineral

Phrases with mineral

  • water containing dissolved minerals that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value


    I prefer to drink mineral water instead of tap water.

  • a colorless, odorless oil derived from petroleum, used as a lubricant and in cosmetics and medicine


    Mineral oil is commonly used in baby lotions and creams.

  • a concentration of minerals in the earth's crust that can be extracted economically


    The company is exploring the area for potential mineral deposits.


Summary: mineral in Brief

A 'mineral' [ˈmɪnərəl] is a naturally occurring, inorganic substance that is obtained by mining. It can refer to a solid substance, such as rock or ore, or a specific type of substance, such as quartz or feldspar. Examples include iron, calcium, and rare minerals found in museums. 'Mineral' also extends into phrases like 'mineral water' and 'mineral oil,' which have therapeutic and cosmetic uses.