jewel Definition

  • 1a precious stone, typically a single crystal or piece of a hard lustrous or translucent mineral cut into shape with flat facets or smoothed and polished for use as an ornament
  • 2a person or thing that is treasured, esteemed, or indispensable

Using jewel: Examples

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    She wore a necklace adorned with jewels.

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    The crown was studded with precious jewels.

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    The old book was a real jewel in the library's collection.

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    The young athlete is a jewel in the team's roster.

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Idioms Using jewel

  • the most valuable or prized possession or aspect of something


    The company's new product line is the jewel in the crown of their business strategy.

  • rough diamond (or jewel)

    a person who has good qualities despite a rough exterior or lack of polish


    He may seem gruff, but he's a rough diamond - always willing to help out when needed.

  • steal someone's thunder (or jewel)

    to take credit for someone else's idea or achievement


    She was about to announce her discovery when her colleague stole her thunder by revealing it first.

Phrases with jewel

  • crown jewels

    the ceremonial objects of the British monarch, including the regalia and vestments worn at their coronation


    The Tower of London houses the Crown Jewels.

  • a place or thing that is not well known but is considered to be of great value or beauty


    This small town is a hidden jewel, with beautiful scenery and friendly people.

  • family jewels

    a man's testicles, used humorously or euphemistically


    He got hit in the family jewels during the game.

Origins of jewel

from Old French 'jouel', diminutive of 'jou', meaning 'game'


Summary: jewel in Brief

The term 'jewel' [ˈdʒuːəl] refers to a precious stone or a person or thing that is treasured. It can denote a single crystal or piece of mineral cut into shape for use as an ornament, as in 'She wore a necklace adorned with jewels.' Alternatively, it can refer to a person or thing that is highly valued, as in 'The old book was a real jewel in the library's collection.' 'Jewel' extends into phrases like 'hidden jewel,' and idioms like 'jewel in the crown,' denoting the most valuable aspect of something.

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