miniature Definition

a very small copy or model, especially one that is much smaller than the original.

Using miniature: Examples

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    The museum has a collection of miniature cars.

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    She creates miniature sculptures using clay.

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    The dollhouse is filled with miniature furniture and accessories.

miniature Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with miniature

  • a game played on a miniature course, typically featuring obstacles and hazards


    We had a fun time playing miniature golf at the park.

  • a style of painting that involves creating detailed and intricate images on a small scale


    The artist specializes in miniature painting, using a magnifying glass to add tiny details to her work.

  • a small breed of dog that originated in Germany, known for its distinctive mustache and beard


    My neighbor has a miniature schnauzer named Max.

Origins of miniature

from Italian 'miniatura', meaning 'manuscript illumination'


Summary: miniature in Brief

The term 'miniature' [ˈmɪn.i.ə.tʃər] refers to a very small copy or model, often much smaller than the original. It can refer to objects like cars, sculptures, and furniture, as well as activities like golf and painting. The term also extends to specific breeds of dogs, such as the miniature schnauzer.

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