[mahyuh r]

mire Definition

  • 1a tract or area of wet, swampy ground; bog; marsh.
  • 2a troublesome or intractable situation, heavy burden, or difficult problem.
  • 3to involve, entangle, or entrap: to be stuck in the mire.

Using mire: Examples

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  • Example

    The car got stuck in the mire.

  • Example

    The company is in a financial mire.

  • Example

    The political campaign was mired in controversy.

  • Example

    The team was mired in last place for most of the season.

mire Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for mire

Antonyms for mire

  • high ground
  • dry land

Phrases with mire

  • to publicly criticize or humiliate someone or something


    The journalist dragged the politician's reputation through the mire with her article.

  • to become bogged down in bureaucratic procedures and red tape


    The company was mired in bureaucracy, making it difficult to get anything done.

  • to be heavily in debt


    The family was mired in debt after taking out multiple loans.

Origins of mire

from Old Norse 'myrr', meaning 'bog'


Summary: mire in Brief

The term 'mire' [mahyuh r] refers to a tract of swampy ground or a difficult situation. It can be used as a noun or verb, as in 'The car got stuck in the mire.' 'Mire' extends into phrases like 'drag through the mire,' denoting public criticism, and 'mire in bureaucracy,' referring to being bogged down in red tape.