monotonous Definition

  • 1dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest
  • 2having a sound continuing on one note

Using monotonous: Examples

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    The lecture was so monotonous that I fell asleep.

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    The job was monotonous, with the same tasks every day.

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    The sound of the engine became monotonous after a while.

monotonous Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for monotonous

Phrases with monotonous

  • a voice that is unchanging in pitch and tone, often leading to boredom or disinterest in the listener


    The teacher's monotonous voice made it hard for the students to stay focused.

  • a daily schedule or set of tasks that is repetitive and unvarying


    After years of the same monotonous routine, he decided to quit his job and travel the world.

  • a view or scenery that is uniform and unchanging, often leading to boredom or disinterest in the viewer


    The drive through the desert was long and monotonous, with nothing but sand and rocks for miles.

Origins of monotonous

from Greek 'monotonos', meaning 'one-toned'


Summary: monotonous in Brief

The adjective 'monotonous' [məˈnɒtənəs] describes something that is dull, tedious, and repetitious, lacking in variety and interest. It can also refer to a sound continuing on one note. Examples include a monotonous lecture, a monotonous job, and the monotonous sound of an engine. Phrases include 'monotonous voice,' 'monotonous routine,' and 'monotonous landscape.'