tedious Definition

too long, slow, or dull; tiresome or monotonous..

Using tedious: Examples

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    The work was tedious and repetitive.

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    The lecture was so tedious that I fell asleep.

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    The process of filling out the paperwork was tedious and time-consuming.

tedious Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for tedious

Idioms Using tedious

  • to make something more boring or monotonous than it already is


    The teacher's monotone voice made the lecture even more tedious.

  • extremely boring and uninteresting


    The movie was as tedious as watching paint dry.

  • tedious and time-consuming

    something that takes a long time and is boring to do


    Filling out the paperwork for the job was a tedious and time-consuming process.

Phrases with tedious

  • a long and boring journey


    The train ride was a tedious journey through the countryside.

  • a task that is boring and takes a long time to complete


    Cleaning the house is a tedious task that no one enjoys.

  • a meeting that is boring and seems to go on forever


    The manager's speech made the meeting a tedious affair.

Origins of tedious

from Old French 'tediós', from Latin 'taediosus', from 'taedium' meaning 'weariness'


Summary: tedious in Brief

The term 'tedious' [ˈtiːdiəs] refers to something that is too long, slow, or dull, making it tiresome or monotonous. It can describe anything from work to lectures, exemplified by 'The work was tedious and repetitive.' 'Tedious' extends into phrases like 'tedious journey,' and idioms like 'tedious as watching paint dry,' denoting extreme boredom.

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