mostly Definition

  • 1mainly; for the most part
  • 2usually or generally

Using mostly: Examples

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  • Example

    I mostly work from home.

  • Example

    The movie was mostly boring.

  • Example

    She mostly eats vegetarian food.

  • Example

    He is mostly a quiet person.

mostly Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with mostly

  • not likely to cause harm or damage


    The small spider in the corner of the room was mostly harmless.

  • a weather forecast indicating that the sky will be mostly clear with some scattered clouds


    The weatherman said it would be mostly sunny today with a chance of rain later in the evening.

  • mostly dead

    a humorous way of saying that someone is almost completely exhausted or tired


    After working for 12 hours straight, I feel mostly dead.


Summary: mostly in Brief

The adverb 'mostly' [ˈməʊstli] means mainly or generally. It is used to describe something that happens most of the time, as in 'She mostly eats vegetarian food.' 'Mostly' can also be used to describe weather forecasts or to indicate that something is not likely to cause harm, as in 'mostly sunny' or 'mostly harmless.'

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