mutable Definition

  • 1liable to change
  • 2able to be changed

Using mutable: Examples

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    The mutable weather made it difficult to plan outdoor activities.

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    The mutable nature of technology requires constant adaptation.

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    The mutable opinions of the public can sway political decisions.

mutable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with mutable

  • in astrology, a sign that is adaptable and flexible in nature


    Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are considered mutable signs.

  • in computer programming, an object whose value can be changed after it has been created


    In Python, lists and dictionaries are examples of mutable objects.

  • a virus that can mutate or change its genetic makeup, making it difficult to develop vaccines or treatments


    The flu virus is an example of a mutable virus.

Origins of mutable

from Latin 'mutabilis', from 'mutare' meaning 'to change'


Summary: mutable in Brief

'Mutable' [ˈmjuːtəbl] means liable to change or able to be changed. It is used to describe things that are adaptable and flexible, such as the mutable weather or mutable opinions of the public. In computer programming, a mutable object is one whose value can be changed after it has been created.