[non-kuh n-fawr-ming]

nonconforming Definition

  • 1failing or refusing to conform to established standards, conventions, rules, or laws
  • 2not conforming to a particular set of beliefs or behaviors

Using nonconforming: Examples

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    The nonconforming student was often reprimanded by the teacher for not following the dress code.

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    The artist's work was praised for its nonconforming style.

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    The company's nonconforming practices led to legal issues.

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    She was a nonconforming member of the community who refused to follow the traditional gender roles.

nonconforming Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for nonconforming

Phrases with nonconforming

  • a property use that does not comply with current zoning regulations but is allowed because it existed before the regulations were put in place


    The building was grandfathered in as a nonconforming use when the new zoning laws were enacted.

  • a type of loan that does not meet the guidelines of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, often used for borrowers with poor credit or unique financial situations


    The bank offered a nonconforming loan to the self-employed borrower who did not have a steady income.

  • a product or material that does not meet the required specifications or standards


    The factory had to dispose of the nonconforming material that did not pass the quality control tests.


Summary: nonconforming in Brief

'Nonconforming' [non-kuh n-fawr-ming] describes something or someone that fails to adhere to established standards, conventions, rules, or laws. It can also refer to a person who does not conform to a particular set of beliefs or behaviors. Examples include a nonconforming student who violates the dress code and an artist whose work is praised for its unconventional style.