obedient Definition

complying or willing to comply with orders or requests; submissive to another's will..

Using obedient: Examples

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    The dog is very obedient and follows all of its owner's commands.

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    She was always obedient to her parents and never caused any trouble.

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    The soldiers were trained to be obedient to their commanding officers.

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    He was an obedient student who always did his homework on time.

obedient Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with obedient

  • complying with or submissive to a particular person, group, or set of rules


    The company's employees are expected to be obedient to their managers.

  • a child who is well-behaved and follows the rules set by their parents or guardians


    She was always an obedient child and never caused any trouble for her parents.

  • a servant who follows the orders of their master or employer without question


    In the past, wealthy families often had obedient servants who would do anything they were told.


Summary: obedient in Brief

'Obedient' [əˈbiːdiənt] describes someone who is willing to comply with orders or requests, and is submissive to another's will. It can be used to describe people, animals, or even machines, as in 'The robot was programmed to be obedient to its human masters.' 'Obedient' is often paired with prepositions like 'to,' as in 'The soldiers were obedient to their commanding officers.'