rebellious Definition

  • 1showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention
  • 2difficult to control or predict because of unconventional or uncooperative behavior

Using rebellious: Examples

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    He was a rebellious teenager who often got into trouble with the law.

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    The company's rebellious culture encouraged employees to challenge the status quo.

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    Her rebellious spirit led her to pursue a career in the arts instead of following her family's expectations.

rebellious Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for rebellious

Phrases with rebellious

  • a tendency to resist authority or convention


    Despite his success, he still had a rebellious streak that made him question the rules.

  • a period of time when someone is particularly resistant to authority or convention


    Many teenagers go through a rebellious phase as they try to establish their independence.

  • a young person who is particularly resistant to authority or convention


    She was a rebellious youth who often clashed with her parents and teachers.

Origins of rebellious

from Latin 'rebellis', meaning 'waging war again'


Summary: rebellious in Brief

The term 'rebellious' [rɪˈbɛljəs] describes a person or behavior that resists authority, control, or convention. It can refer to a person's character, such as 'He was a rebellious teenager,' or a company culture, such as 'The company's rebellious culture.' The phrase 'rebellious streak' denotes a tendency to resist, while 'rebellious phase' and 'rebellious youth' describe periods of resistance in a person's life.

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