noncyclic Definition

  • 1not cyclic; not forming a closed loop or circuit
  • 2not cyclic; not recurring at regular intervals

Using noncyclic: Examples

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    The noncyclic pathway of photosynthesis is also known as the Calvin cycle.

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    Noncyclic molecules do not form a ring structure.

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    The noncyclic electron transport chain is used in photosynthesis to produce ATP.

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    The noncyclic nature of the process makes it more efficient.

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Summary: noncyclic in Brief

The term 'noncyclic' [non-sahy-klik] refers to things that are not cyclic or do not form a closed loop or circuit. It can also mean things that do not recur at regular intervals. Examples include the noncyclic pathway of photosynthesis, noncyclic molecules, and the noncyclic electron transport chain.