periodic Definition

  • 1appearing or occurring at intervals
  • 2recurring regularly after an interval

Using periodic: Examples

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    The company conducts periodic safety checks.

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    The magazine publishes periodic updates on the stock market.

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    The comet makes a periodic appearance every 76 years.

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    The patient's symptoms were periodic and unpredictable.

periodic Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for periodic

Phrases with periodic

  • a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements, organized on the basis of their atomic number and chemical properties


    The periodic table is an essential tool for chemistry students.

  • a mathematical function that repeats its values in regular intervals or periods


    Sine and cosine are examples of periodic functions.

  • motion that repeats itself in equal intervals of time


    A pendulum is an example of periodic motion.

Origins of periodic

from French 'périodique', from Latin 'periodus', meaning 'a complete sentence, a cycle'


Summary: periodic in Brief

The term 'periodic' [ˌpɪəriˈɒdɪk] describes something that occurs or appears at regular intervals, such as periodic safety checks or periodic updates. It can also refer to something that recurs regularly after an interval, like the periodic appearance of a comet. The term extends into scientific contexts like the periodic table, which organizes the chemical elements based on their properties.

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