cyclic Definition

  • 1occurring in cycles; regularly repeated
  • 2of or relating to a cycle or cycles

Using cyclic: Examples

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    The economy is cyclic and goes through periods of growth and recession.

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    The moon's phases are cyclic and repeat every 29.5 days.

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    The cyclic nature of the seasons is due to the Earth's orbit around the sun.

cyclic Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with cyclic

  • a method of error detection used for data transmission that involves adding a checksum to a message to detect any changes to the data


    The cyclic redundancy check is commonly used in computer networks to ensure data integrity.

  • a mathematical concept in group theory that describes a set of elements that can be combined in a certain way to produce other elements in the set


    Cyclic groups are used in cryptography to generate keys for encryption and decryption.

  • cyclic voltammetry

    a technique used in electrochemistry to study the redox properties of molecules by measuring the current produced as a function of applied voltage


    Cyclic voltammetry is a powerful tool for characterizing the electrochemical behavior of materials.


Summary: cyclic in Brief

The term 'cyclic' [ˈsaɪklɪk] refers to something that occurs in cycles or is regularly repeated. It can describe natural phenomena like the moon's phases or the seasons, as well as mathematical concepts like cyclic groups. 'Cyclic' is also used in technical fields like computer science and electrochemistry, where it refers to error detection methods and measurement techniques, respectively.