nonremunerative Definition

not providing payment or compensation for work done or services rendered.

Using nonremunerative: Examples

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    The internship was nonremunerative, but provided valuable experience.

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    The volunteer work at the shelter was nonremunerative, but fulfilling.

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    The artist's early works were nonremunerative, but eventually gained recognition and sales.

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Summary: nonremunerative in Brief

The term 'nonremunerative' [non-ri-myoo-nuh-rey-tiv] refers to work or services that are not compensated. It is often used in the context of internships, volunteer work, or artistic pursuits, as in 'The internship was nonremunerative, but provided valuable experience.' Its synonyms include 'unpaid' and 'voluntary,' while its antonyms include 'remunerative' and 'compensated.'