voluntary Definition

  • 1done, made, or given willingly, without being forced or paid to do it
  • 2working, done, or maintained without payment

Using voluntary: Examples

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  • Example

    She does voluntary work at the local hospital.

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    The company has a voluntary pension scheme.

  • Example

    The evacuation was voluntary, not mandatory.

  • Example

    He made a voluntary confession to the police.

voluntary Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with voluntary

  • organizations that are not part of the government and are run by volunteers


    The voluntary sector plays an important role in providing social services.

  • when an employee chooses to leave their job and receives a payment from their employer


    The company offered voluntary redundancies to reduce its workforce.

  • a donation or gift made willingly and without expectation of compensation


    The school relies on voluntary contributions from parents to fund extracurricular activities.

Origins of voluntary

from Latin 'voluntarius', meaning 'of one's free will'


Summary: voluntary in Brief

The term 'voluntary' [ˈvɒləntəri] refers to actions done willingly, without force or payment. It can describe unpaid work, such as 'She does voluntary work at the local hospital,' or a voluntary pension scheme. 'Voluntary' extends into phrases like 'voluntary sector,' referring to organizations run by volunteers, and 'voluntary redundancy,' when an employee chooses to leave their job.

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