mandatory Definition

  • 1required by law or rules; compulsory
  • 2something that is mandatory is something that must be done, often because of a rule or law

Using mandatory: Examples

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  • Example

    Wearing a mask is mandatory in some public places.

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    The course has a mandatory attendance policy.

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    All employees are required to attend the mandatory training session.

  • Example

    The company implemented mandatory overtime during the busy season.

mandatory Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with mandatory

  • the shortest prison term that can be imposed for a particular crime, as stipulated by law


    The judge had to impose the mandatory minimum sentence for the defendant's crime.

  • a policy requiring employees to retire at a certain age, typically 65


    The company has a mandatory retirement policy for all employees over the age of 65.

  • government spending that is required by law, such as entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare


    Mandatory spending makes up a large portion of the federal budget.

Origins of mandatory

from Latin 'mandatum', meaning 'a command'


Summary: mandatory in Brief

The term 'mandatory' [ˈmændətɔːri] refers to something that is required by law or rules, often with a sense of compulsion. It can refer to policies like mandatory retirement, or requirements like mandatory attendance. 'Mandatory' is often used in legal contexts, such as mandatory minimum sentences.

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