compulsory Definition

required by law or a rule; obligatory.

Using compulsory: Examples

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    Wearing a seatbelt is compulsory in most countries.

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    All students must take the compulsory courses before graduation.

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    The company provides compulsory training for new employees.

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    Vaccination is compulsory for children attending school.

compulsory Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with compulsory

  • the period of education that is required by law


    Compulsory education in the United States typically starts at age 5 and ends at age 18.

  • a requirement for citizens to serve in the military for a certain period of time


    Compulsory military service was abolished in many countries after World War II.

  • a requirement for employees to retire at a certain age, usually set by law or company policy


    Compulsory retirement at age 65 was abolished in the UK in 2011.

Origins of compulsory

from Latin 'compulsorius', from 'compellere' meaning 'to compel'


Summary: compulsory in Brief

'Compulsory' [kəmˈpʌlsəri] means required by law or a rule. It is often used to describe things that are necessary or essential, such as wearing a seatbelt or taking certain courses before graduation. 'Compulsory' can also refer to specific contexts like 'compulsory education,' 'compulsory military service,' and 'compulsory retirement.'

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